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Our Core Values
provide the basis for all we do at Oakbank School.

Oakbank School is the only public school in the Adelaide Hills that provides a diverse and supportive environment for learning from Reception to Year 12. The school has three ‘sub-schools’ – Primary, Middle and Senior, providing connections, transitions and pathways within their school years and beyond.

Together we nurture and grow the capabilities and dispositions of one another. Striving for our personal best, we celebrate success and learn from setbacks. We act in line with our values, respecting and caring for ourselves, each other and our community.

Learning is our passion and students are at the heart of all we do. We strive to know our students well and work together to grow their capabilities. One of the many things I am proud of at our school is the effort and drive teachers put into improvement. We have a great reputation, however, we are never complacent about seeking improvement. 

Junior School

Engagement, good habits and the foundations of life-long learning

Middle School

Broadening outlooks, developing skills, and becoming well-rounded learners

Senior School

Preparation for life beyond the school gates